About - Kalosoma

The story so far.


Born from an effort to capture a lifestyle that is both elegant yet simple, sophisticated yet accessible, original yet versatile, and always with excellent quality and design in what it presents.

With over 18 years of experience, Kalosoma is established as a leading brand of Mexican jewelry and fashion. Its designs are distinguished by the work of more than 100 hands of Mexican artisans; expert hands, agile hands, unique, and talented, who apply and pour their ancient traditional techniques into each piece of jewelry they make. It is these centuries-old skills, combined with a modern and aesthetically unique design, that make Kalosoma pieces a unique work of art.

The name Kalosoma has its etymology in Greco-Latin roots "Kalos"; beautiful and "Soma", body. Kalosoma is the scientific name of an insect, a type of beetle beautiful for its shape and colorful, similar to the brand‘s logo.


Grandfather of designer Claudia Fernández MacGregor was a dedicated entomologist, who was a definitive influence. "Thanks to him, since I was little I have had a fascination for insects and beautiful elements in nature in general," says Claudia. Due to this affinity for nature, all materials used in the design and creation of each piece of Kalosoma jewelry are 100% natural: from precious and semiprecious metals, mainly goat skin, as well as skin from other animals such as stingray, snake, and others, as well as precious and semiprecious stones. Each stone has been hand-cut highlighting its unique characteristics, projecting its most beautiful physical expression. Each bracelet or necklace brings together the extraordinary manual work of skilled artisans who are true masters in their specialty, combining carefully selected natural materials individually, all under the design that embodies the unmistakable Kalosoma "look." Kalosoma now projects this style beyond jewelry, achieving elegant and original integrated sets, with an intimate connection to nature, that do justice to the essence "Kalos Soma"; Beautiful Body. Today, Kalosoma is found in various points of sale in the best and most exclusive boutiques in the world such as ABC Carpet in New York, Madison in Los Angeles, New Stone Age, Twist, Leon Heart in Japan, Twist, and many more